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Introducing School for Humanity - On Mars


School for Humanity sets a better beginning for future generations, inspiring them not to make the same mistakes the human race made, governed by the circles of history.

School for Humanity-on Mars

The Content

The gallery inside exhibits the collection "Lessons for generations" that includes the artist's vision about how art can influence future generations regarding themes like climate change, deforestation, war, education, programed obsolescence, racism. 

The artist created these pieces through a Catharsis journey taken with the purpose to leave valuable lessons behind, representing a brick for the evolution of humanity, scribbled for centuries in blockchain as an NFT. The smartest way of learning is from other people's mistakes and we have the obligation to influence our kids not to repeat the same faults as we and past generations did. 

Believing in the eternal connection between the metaverse and the physical world, the artist will honor his project and its vision by building a real Digital Art School in a disadvantaged area of the Globe, giving the opportunity to poor kids to follow their dreams and render a better future through art. 

School for Humanity-on Mars

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